Common childhood complaints

Some herbal remedies are safe from birth and there are many gentle, yet effective remedies which are wonderful in relieving common childhood complaints.  Babies and children require much smaller medicinal doses than adults and it is advisable to check the suitable dose for your child.  If you at concerned about your child's health always seek further medical advice.

Nappy Rash

Can be caused by persistent damp skin enclosed by a nappy. Wash baby’s bottom with cooled, diluted Chamomile or Marigold infusions when changing and leave nappy off for as long as possible. Marigold cream is a useful anti-bacterial and vulnerary for healing skin.


This can be very upsetting for both child and parent. The baby may gain relief from chewing on a finger or teething ring cooled in the fridge. Infusions of Chamomile, Lime flowers and Catnip can be given to help calm and soothe.


Painful spasms of the intestine which can be caused by food intolerance from formula milk or mother’s diet. Weak herbal infusions can help enhance digestion and relax the gut- Chamomile, Fennel and Dill are all suitable. It may be worth while trying to exclusion diets if breast-feeding or changing to goat’s milk if using formula.

Coughs & Colds & Catarrh

There are many herbal remedies for these conditions. Garlic is excellent at watering down persistent mucous and acts as an expectorant to clear the lungs. Peppermint and Elder flowers work as decongestants to clears the airways. Boneset and Yarrow reduce fevers, and relieve aches and pains. Elder berries have been shown to be active against both influenza A and B. Coltsfoot, Mullein and Thyme are used to clear phlegm in the throat or chest.


If infection is the cause, Mullien and Garlic oil can be warmed and dropped into each ear, then plugged with cotton wool. This will help soothe pain and inflammation while clearing infection. Do not use if ear drum is perforated and make sure the ear is clear of pus and small objects.


Also known as allergic rhinitis, hayfever is using worst during the summer months when the pollen count is highest. It is worth cutting out wheat and sugar from the diet during this period. Chamomile and Nettle have natural anti-histamine properties, while Golden rod, Ground Ivy, Peppermint and Eyebright can be used to ease symptoms.


Eczema is characterized by red, itchy, scaly patches usually appearing on the inner elbow and back of the knees but can occur anywhere. It can start from allergic reactions to food or topical irritants and be aggravated by stress and other factors. Creams including Chamomile, Margigold, Borage and Chickweed help reduce inflammation, moisturise and soothe itchiness. Internally herbs can be used to treat the underlying problem.

Cuts & Burns

Cuts are best washed with an antiseptic like Tea Tree or Lavender essential oil. Marigold cream can be used to promote healing and also helps to keep the cut clear from infection. Aloe vera gel and Lavender essential oil can be used on burns.