Herbal Consultations with Klayr Young


Klayr Young. MNIMH  Herbal Medicine Glasgow

Klayr Young. MNIMH
Herbal Medicine Glasgow

Why book a consultation with me?

I give you time and space where you can feel comfortable and confident in explaining your health issues.  In-depth consultations are key to understanding why certain symptoms arise and also provide indications on how to resolve them. Understanding your specific set of health struggles allows me to formulate a treatment strategy to help you feel your best again.

I have spent over 20 years in the natural health industry, nearly a decade working as a medical herbalist and seen hundreds of patients. I have seen what works and what doesn’t. Herbal medicines are incredibly powerful at restoring health and I continue to be amazed by their healing effects.


What does a consultation involve?

An initial consultation lasts 60 minutes, during which I will ask about your symptoms, current medications, allergies and past medical history.   At the end of your consultation your pulse and blood pressure will be taken and if necessary a short physical examination.  I work together with my patients to create healing strategies which include nutritional and lifestyle changes.  For a full consultation price list see here.


What next?

After careful consideration I will create a herbal prescription specifically tailored to your needs.  Prescriptions are most commonly given in the form of liquid tinctures but other preparations (such as teas and creams) are also used.  Herbal medicines are dispensed within one week following the consultation.   For a full price list please see here.

I usually ask patients to return to clinic for a review 2-4 weeks later to assess your progress.  A review consultation lasts up to 40 minutes and provides an opportunity to adapt to your prescription as your symptoms change.  When working with hormonal issues I usually invite patients in monthly for the first three visits.  

Making an Appointment

Appointments can be made by phone or email.  If you are unsure whether herbal medicines are for you please send me a message!  I am always happy to discuss how herbs may help before booking.  I work closely with a network of practitioners and will refer you on if I feel another therapy is more appropriate.