Plants as Medicines

Herbal medicine is our oldest form of medicine and has been practised world-wide, over many thousands of years.  Plants and humans have evolved together over millennia and nature has provided us with gentle and safe remedies which are perfectly adapted to our physiology.

Western herbal medicines are made solely from plants.  Unlike some Eastern traditions, animal products are never used included in my medicines.

Plants are harvested at specific times of the year and carefully processed using traditional methods.  The quality of medicines are particularly important for efficacy.  Herbal medicines come in different forms such as tinctures, teas, and creams and are specifically tailored to the individual needs and requirements.

Herbal medicines can be given for a wide range of conditions without the unwanted side effects associated with pharmaceuticals.  Plants initiate the body’s own healing capabilities and stimulate a return to good health.  In cases where the condition is not expected to improve, such as terminal cancer, herbal medicines can ease associated symptoms and enhance quality of life.

Organic & Biodynamic

Here at Herbal Medicine Glasgow I use organic and biodynamically produced medicines where ever possible.  I believe that these methods of farming produce the most effective medicines while being kinder to the planet and supporting our delicate ecosystems.